NYIKO Falls In Love on Crush EP (8/8/19)

NYIKO and The The White Electric share their debut collaborative EP, Crush, available August 8 on Digital Formats via Trailing Twelve Records.

When does love begin? Is it with lust and the purely physical? Is it spiritual? When does love end? Is it when emotional connection wanes? Is it when carnal desires fatigue?

Los Angeles based crooner, NYIKO, doesn’t assume to know the answers, but they’re eager to explore the questions on their latest six-song release, Crush. Teaming up with Boston-based producer The White Electric, the duo has crafted an atmosphere that is equally fierce as it is tranquil.

The EP opens with “9x16” and we are immediately addressed by NYIKO “Yeah/I’m looking at you/Do you see me?/9 by 16.” What begins as an intimate inquiry into internet dating ascends into a dance floor proclamation - that we put down our phones, get up, and get offline. It’s an exciting blend of future house, synth bass and percussion, new wave analog leads, and vocal melodies that carry a mature pop sensibility.

We’re led into “Lemon,” an eclectic bop playing on the duality and inherent pain of love. “I drink your juice/It stings my eyes/I feel renewed/Inside and outside,” NYIKO sings, drawing on the light metaphor of the song’s title.

As we move through Crush, we’re presented with the various early phases of love, oftentimes full of lust, energy, and potentially reckless behavior. On “Dominoes” we get a glimpse into two wide-eyed lovers rapidly falling for each other. On “Go To Bed” we’re going home from the bar together, whereas on “Runaway (Anywhere With U)” it appears this fling is turning into something more. The EP comes to a climax with “All The Time,” a slow-burning R&B ballad laced with gritty synth and assertive percussion.

Crush is an EP filled with lush and inspired moments, a culmination of the thoughts that cross our minds when we’re falling in love.

Crush is out August 8th via Trailing Twelve Records.

Photo and Artwork By Niles Gregory
Additional Press Photos by Sam G

Performed by NYIKO
Written and Produced by NYIKO (ASCAP) and The White Electric (ASCAP)
Mixed by Ben Rogers
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound

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